Positive Handling Training


Break Away and Positive Handling - Learning Disability, Mental Health, Adult, Children.

This course is in line with National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS), it is a theoretical and practical based course - a health form must be completed before attending this course.

The course consists of a minimum of two day positive handling strategies. The content will be bespoked to your service and requirements. The trainer will contact you or your manager prior to the course to conduct a training needs analysis.  

The core content of this course includes:

  • Minimising the need for restrictive practices
  • Legislative requirements and what constitutes reasonable force
  • Behaviour escalation and decision making models
  • Restraint reduction strategies
  • Low level disengagement
  • High level disengagement
  • Non- harmful / Least intrusive / Restrictive Methods of control

This  course can include adaptions suitable for children / young people, learning disabilities, mental health and dementia.