Conflict Management / Breakaway/ Positive handling.


2 Day Conflict Management, Positive Handling care staff

This course aims to discover the rationale behind conflict. Delegates will be able to recognise both internal and external triggers to potential aggressive situations and develop conflict resolution strategies. The course will  include simple yet effective breakaway (disengagement) and self-defence skills to enable the learner to protect themselves when faced with the risk of assault be it from people that use service's, patient's etc. 


Positive Handling Training


Break Away and Positive Handling - Learning Disability, Mental Health, Adult, Children.

This course aims to give staff the confidence and skills to assist adults or young people in times of distress and  displaying behaviours that challenge. This course includes non harmful interventions (Positive Handling Techniques) and breakaway strategies.  

Self-defence Training


Realistic self defense here now.