Raising Dementia Awareness


Dementia Awareness Training

This one day course aims to raise awareness of the different types of dementia and some of the potential causes, signs and symptoms. Delegates will review the approaches to dementia and discuss how these have changed over time, legislative frameworks and policy will be embedded into the course. Care planning and positive communication will underpin all aspects of this course, including risk assessment / risk adverse strategies. The purpose of this course is to raise awareness of the impact of dementia and some of the successful interventions that has been implemented to support people to live positively with their dementia.  

Creative Approaches / Enabling Strategies

This one day course is aimed for management and/or seniors, people in a position to influence policy. It reviews the importance of activity and remaining active in everyday life. It aims to incorporate a 'rights based' approach to care, focusing on the importance of citizenship and status. Strategies such as community engagement, working together in the care industry and sharing best practice will be debated and reviewed. All delegates will work together to discuss national government, charitable and local dementia initiatives. The purpose of this course is to improve practice, policy and procedure in order to embrace a 'rights based approach' to dementia care.      

Environmental Audits

Creating an inclusive dementia environment is fundamentally important to promoting and maintaining well-being. Often small physical changes can bring about notable improvements to a persons mobility, demeanour and ability. This has a knock-on effect towards the staff team, family and visitors. 

An environmental audit will highlight areas of the physical environment which can be changed to improve wellbeing for the individuals. The auditor will require a initial meeting with management, a guided tour of the premises, opportunity to speak to staff members and individuals (where appropriate) and a final meeting with management. A plan will be agreed prior to the audit being carried out.

An in-depth report will be confidentially produced  (you will own the full rights of the report) detailing areas of improvement and recommendations. All areas of recommendation will be thoroughly evidenced referenced. 

Environmental audits can be carried out in the following environments:

  • Residential and Nursing Homes
  • Hospital Environments
  • A person's own home  


If you are striving to run a high quality dementia care establishment or are aiming to set up a care company, which supports people with dementia then a consultation plan can help ensure you are following the most current wellbeing initiatives and legislative requirements. 

A consultation can include an audit if required (see above), training needs analysis will be conducted, care planning and risk assessing strategies discussed and feedback gathered

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