Dementia Courses



Dementia is an umbrella term for a number of progressive diseases that can impact upon a person's cognitive abilities, this can influence a person's life in numerous ways, from a social and emotional perspective, to carrying out everyday daily life tasks.  The condition affects 47 million people worldwide, a figure that is predicted to increase to 75 million in 2030 and 132 million by 2050. 

(WHO 2017)     

Our Strategy

Intrcare firmly view dementia from a 'rights based' approach. People with dementia can be subjected to stigmatization and discrimination, this is often due to a lack of training, information and guidance available. People need to be enabled and supported to live positively with their dementia and to remain valued members of their community. 

Our Trainers

All our trainers at Intrcare specialise within their area of expertise. The dementia trainers are passionate about delivering high quality training based on current developments and practices within the field. All trainers will be completing or will have achieved MSc in Dementia Studies. 


We offer a wide range of courses, audits and/or consultations aimed at improving dementia care. If you would like a particular bespoke service then please contact us with further details and we can discuss your requirements. 

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